Tuesday, December 07, 2004

An Ill Wind is Blowing (but this is not necessarily bad news).

Of late I have really begun to notice how the tide has turned against Christianity in the West. True, Europe has been post-Christian for a while but ever more frequently we are finding that God is being systematically banned from public discourse here in the United States as well. It is getting so bad that in some places Christmas itself is being shut out of the public square.

There is little need to enumerate the anti-Christian sentiments found in the MSM, Hollywood, or in Academia, as this is common knowledge. What is more fascinating to me is the willful ignorance of the modern anti-Christian bigot toward facts like the religious beliefs of the Founders, the role of Christians in the spread of justice and charity throughout the world, or even things as fundamental as what is evil and what is good.

The Bible clearly states that as we head toward the final prophetic moments of history, that unbelievers will think themselves wise but be, in actuality, quite foolish. They will say that what is evil is good, and what is good, evil. They will hate those who follow Christ, and they will imagine themselves to be gods in their own eyes.

In talking about good v. evil I am reminded that Liberals apparently have no problem endorsing the teaching of one of the most violent and oppressive religions conceived by the mind of man in our public schools yet ban anything remotely Christian (including the reading of the Declaration of Independence) from that same venue. I note that more and more, it is Christian teachings that are said to be the source of the worlds ills (as opposed to Islamic fundamentalists, Franco/German bribery schemes, Russian attempts to recreate the glories of the Soviet State, or the generally dark hearts of people the world over.)

No, apparently it is the simple teaching that Christ is the only path to heaven that MUST BE STOPPED!

The fact that the Left has no difficulty promoting the idea that Islam is a "religion of peace" (as opposed to "submission") while modern Christianity is racist and violent, is a testament to just how upside down the world has become.

Now, lest you think I am suggesting we should seek to alter this trend, let me disabuse you of the thought. This is an inexorable movement, like lava travelling down the flanks of Mauna Loa. Christians are hated, and not because we are not "open-minded" enough, or not environmentally friendly enough. No, it is because we believe that what the Bible says is [gasp!] true. This is intollerable to the modern Liberal mindset. In truth, the term "Left" is quickly becoming shorthand for describing "haters of Christ".

Jesus, Peter, Paul, and John all talked about how this would be the climate at the End Times. In my opinion, there is really nothing that can be done to stem this anti-Christian tide. When all is said and done, Christians, with all their generosity, righteousness, and desire to spread freedom throughout the world are, to the Left, a sworn enemy.

Ultimately the question we have to ask ourselves is, as Francis Schaeffer once posited, "How then shall we live?"

I suggest that, as believers, we can do two key things:

1. Do everything possible to maintain a society that allows for the message of Christ to be preached. Fighting against national ID cards or the New World Order, are pointless in my opinion, as they take our eyes off the more important issue of spreading the Gospel message. Which brings me to:

2. Spread the good news that Jesus Christ is alive and willing to accept all who choose to follow Him.

Of course, the Left does not want to hear this message nor does it wish to have Christians hanging around making it difficult for them to spread their latest brand of totalitarianism. They are interested in only a couple of things these days; a.) personal gratification and b.) silencing Christians.

We need to stay vigilant such that we are not silenced. In this respect, Christians need to be more involved in the public discourse than anyone. If we hang back we will lose the opportunity to speak the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. But don't fool yourselves, the tide will continue to turn against Christians and we need to be prepared for this reality. America is heading the direction of Europe and Canada: post-Christian.

In the time we have left, let's not be distracted by the little stuff. Jesus is coming soon, let's act like it.


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