Friday, November 05, 2004

Who Really are the Stupid Ones?

Jane Smiley comments, in her now infamous column, about the stupidity of Bush voters. But ever since the election I've been asking myself, "how could people be so ignorant to vote for the ultra-leftist Kerry?" Yes, I know I risk being labeled a reverse-elitist here and I do know that there are many well educated people who voted for Kerry. So what explains the popularity of a candidate who was demonstrably the most liberal Senator in Congress, a "war hero" of dubious distinction (and quite possibly of dishonorable merit), a self-admitted war criminal, by definition a traitor to his country (as he gave aid and comfort to our enemies on multiple occasions), a guy who was on every side of the issue from day one of his candidacy, and a stiff to boot?

The answer lies, I think, in three different areas. First, regarding his "flip flopping". Many Kerry true believers are just as liberal as he is and know that his seemingly apparent constant changing of position was just that, SEEMINGLY apparent. In fact, the position-changing was as we now know, simply a tactic to get the gullible to vote for him. The Faithful didn't care that he was a pseudo-flip-flopper because they also knew that Kerry could prevaricate like a Clinton (only not as roguishly). They knew he was for partial birth abortion, gay marriage, taxes on everyone with an income, big government, and never met an appeasement position he didn't like. So, they didn't care if he appeared to change positions because they knew that ultimately, he was going to be what he has always has been, an anti-war, anti-family, liberal, globalist.

The second reason Kerry was nearly elected was that a huge number of people now rely, in no small measure, on government. Either they collect social security, welfare, subsidies, or a paycheck as a government worker. Others rely on big government for the enhancement of their power base. This is the vote that is becoming ever more dangerous for how long can a democratic republic exist if the majority vote is cast by people who are takers rather than contributors?

Finally, many Kerry voters apparently do not pay attention to the issues to a level that qualifies them to think for themselves. These are the people who think that modern conservatism/libertarianism is synonymous with its ideological nemesis, fascism. These are the people whom Jay Leno interviews who don't know who Dick Cheney is or that the moon is the Earth's ONLY satellite. These are the people who think that Michael Moore's films are documentaries rather than fantasy (and not very good fantasy either). One might say that these are the products of public school/elite media brainwashing. This is the group Evan Thomas, Asst. managing editor for Newsweek, was no doubt talking about when he claimed that the mainstream press could deliver 10-15 points to Kerry beyond what the candidate normally should get. Indeed, I think they did succeed in obtaining that number. Without their help the Dem candidate would have lost nearly every blue state after being challenged on his dubious war record, his traitorous conduct after the war, his non-existent career in the Senate, and his constant position changes. But they didn't (and in fact, did the opposite). They covered up for him, built him up as a brilliant, thoughtful, and nuanced individual, a politician of the people, yada, yada, yada.

I would place good money on the hunch that AT LEAST 15% of the country bought the bogus stories produced by CBS and the NY Times about Bush's TANG record and the trumped up wep depot story. Newsweek and the AP printed Democrat talking points as real news stories for months and people lapped it up. Can I say, people that bought these lies, maybe THESE are the stupid people that Michael Moore was really talking about?

There is no other explanation for how a guy who carried the banner (and poorly at that) for a failed ideological system could get 48% of the American vote.

48% is a huge number considering the bankruptcy of both the Kerry record and the ideology he espouses. How is this possible? While the following numbers are not the result of research, it is my considered opinion that the voting populace probably breaks down something like:

Dem column:

15% "Intellectuals", assorted true believers, Christian values haters, anti-war types, socialists
18% People who benefit from big government programs (recipients as well as government employees)
15% uniformed people who are easily taken in by media propaganda or idealists who don't know their history.

GOP column:

30% values oriented traditionalists who stand by the foundational premise of the country.
15% American exceptionalists who see this country, warts and all, as the best hope for the world.
7% uninformed voters who vote based on common sense rather than deep study of the issues.

Kerry supporters can whine all they want about the "dumb" American voter, but in the end, a look in the mirror might be more in order.


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