Thursday, October 28, 2004

Could Kerry unwittingly "fulfill Revelation"?

I keep hearing an ill-informed complaint from my liberal friends that the number one reason they despise Bush is because "he thinks he is on a mission from God". I frequently notice this drivel in the mainstream media as well. In fact, a discussion on this very topic happened a couple of weeks ago on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. Guest David Cross stated that Bush "takes the Bible literally", and "he wants to fulfill Revelation". Maher nodded approvingly while the crowd applauded wildly.

Let's look at this charge for a moment. Presumably, Cross and his like-minded secularists think that somehow, by America coming to its own (and Israel's) defense in the middle east, Bush will preciptate the Second Coming. But let's look at this seriously. If Bush is indeed, a person who wants to usher in the events of the End Times, then I submit that he is going about his prophesy-fulfilling efforts all wrong.

A recent Charles Krauthammer column tends to support my theory that it is KERRY policy that is more likely to usher in Armageddon, not Bush's.

Krauthammer presents the eminently logical theory that Kerry may have a secret plan for "bringing along the allies" to help with the war in Iraq in return for cutting Israel loose. Now, if I were a Christian who had the power to presumptuously rush the world toward the events depicted in the prophesies of Revelation, there would be no better way to do that than for America to abandon the Jews. Right now, we're down to just a few countries which will stand by Israel. Of these, only the US is in a position to truly keep the wolves from Jerusalem's doorstep. Fortunately for Israel, this is enough.

But where does Israel go if, as Krauthammer suggests, a Kerry or a future similarly like-minded administration abandons it?

As followers of Biblical prophesy know, the Antichrist of Revelation will be a leader of a future European confederation who rises to prominence because he makes an amazingly daring protection treaty with Israel. John prophesies in Revelation that the Antichrist will make a deal with the Jews so that they can actually rebuild their temple on its original site (a place that just so happens to be the current location of the Dome of the Rock) without retribution. There is no way that the building of the Jewish temple can happen without a persuasive political leader with a large military behind him to hold back an angry Muslim world. If we think Islam is radical now, imagine what it would be like if someone came along and said to the Jews, "go ahead and demolish the Dome of the Rock and build your temple, I'll protect you". Such a history making agreement is simply impossible while a Bush policy is in place.

Put another way, if you believe in a literal interpretation of Revelation, you have to believe that as long as the United States sticks with the current policy of protecting Israel, the Antichrist can never find the fertile geopolitical ground required to rise to power. This is why I think it is so ironic that secularists in Hollywood and the liberal media think that W sees himself on a mission from God to "fulfill Revelation" when in fact, he is currently pursuing a policy that effectively prevents the single most important political event described in the Book of Revelation from coming to pass.

Put another way, if Hollywood fears the "fulfillment of Revelation" then they need to vote for Bush!

UPDATE: Bush is reelected, Armageddon postponed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good point you make about the fulfilling of Revelation. I have a friend that believes Bush is the Anti-Christ, but I don't see how. It would seem as if many of the events of Revelation could happen in the next 10 years or so.

11/17/04, 2:57 PM  

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