Saturday, November 20, 2004

Kerry Apologists: Defining Stupid

The aphorism can be applied to stupid people just as easily to the insane. It goes like this: "A reasonable definition of stupidity is doing the same thing today that you did yesterday, and expecting different results."

The stories are everywhere. Kerry voters are in therapy over their loss. Pundits are all over the media and blogosphere analyzing what went wrong, were Kerry acolytes too easy on the President? Maybe they were too hard. Maybe they should have played up moral values more, maybe, maybe, maybe.

The common thread of the post election postmortums is that the Democrats need to take a different approach in order to win back the White House. A few Dem insiders are even privately saying that to win they need to be less shrill, less negative, less liberal, less "anti", less reactionary, more positive. James Carville even said, in so many words, last week that this was necessary for the Democrats to become a majority party again.

But this is the second election in a row that they have come to this conclusion. They were highly negative the last time around when Gore lost the White house and many were saying then that people were turned off by the high level of negativity in that campaign. The low blows leveled against W in 2000 including the despicable NAACP dragging ad and the 11th hour drunk driving charge did tremendous damage to Bush, it is true but also to Gore as people recognized the dirty politics involved.

Fast forward to today when, despite all evidence showing that people found Kerry's negative portrayal of Bush and middle America repulsive, many on the left are elevating the lunacy and negativity by talking blue state secession, moving to Canada, another stolen election in Florida and group psychotherapy sessions for Kerry lovers fearful of what terror Bush is going to bring upon them this time around. The anti-evangelical rhetoric is increasing, the "stupid" red state mantras continue, and on it goes.

Apparently, these people just can't help themselves. They know that their antics turn off the electorate. They know that they should moderate their tone. They should know that whining just makes them look like lame losers. But, from all appearances, the Left is intent on self-destruction. I can't watch Fox News in the evening for more than 15 minutes before I see some Kerry apologist like David Korn or Bob Beckel making racist remarks about Condi or bigoted statements about evangelicals. It just goes on and on. They should know better but they appear to think that doing the same thing they did last election cycle will produce different results in the next.


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