Saturday, September 13, 2008

There, He's Gone and Done It

I really didn't expect this of McCain. But maybe an old dog can learn a new trick after all.

Sarah Palin was exactly the right pick. Why, because it turned a nation of conservatives around. People who couldn't previously stand John McCain now will vote for him in order to get Sarah Palin in line for the presidency. All of the sudden (and as I previously predicted), a conservative running mate made all the difference for McCain.

Conservatives WANT Palin to be a heartbeat from the oval office. In fact, if the ticket were flipped we would be all that much more pleased with this turn of events. Liberals don't understand her and can't figure out why, in one week, their fortunes were turned. What is even more delicious, is that this one pick has put the House of Reps back in play!

McCain had zero coat tails until Palin came along. Now, anything is possible.

Who would've thunk it?