Monday, August 27, 2007

The AGW Debate gets Surreal

The problem with debating anyone over the issue of anthropogenic global warming is that most of the AGW apologists proceed from multiple false assumptions. Recently a very ignorant poster to a thread over at said:

"Probably global warming is real, but it’s possible it’s not. Either way it’s a smart move to take common sense measures to reduce the risk."

First false assumption:

Global warming is a risk. It is demonstrably NOT a risk. In fact in the past, when the earth was warmer than it is today, civilization thrived. Grapes were grown in vineyards of Scotland, the Vikings colonized Greenland. In brief, if we COULD warm the planet through some manmade mechanism, it would be a GOOD THING.

Second false assumption:

C0₂ causes warming. In fact, there is ZERO evidence of this. What we do have evidence of is that as the oceans warm (caused by Mr. Sun) then C0₂ is released into the atmosphere.

Third false assumption:

C0₂ is a pollutant. Those who believe AGW is real often conflate pollutants (especially particulate pollutants like soot) with C0₂, which is a gas required on this planet for LIFE! LA has higher ozone and particulates (mainly dust) in the lower atmosphere but there is no way to notice elevated C02 in LA's air. C0₂ is a pollutant like oxygen and nitrogen are pollutants.

Fourth false assumption: 

The earth will continue warming unless we do something to stop it. It is, in fact, quite possible that we are at the apex of a warming cycle and that the earth will begin cooling. This would be a BAD THING.

My question for the imbecile who said warming was a "risk" should consider the much larger risk of global cooling. A cooler earth would be catastrophic for fruit and produce producing nations. It would drive people out of currently habitable areas into smaller zones of the planet. When we start cooling, are the enviroloons going to demand we drive more or build more coal fired power plants?

The most important thing to point out in all of this is that C0₂ is the RESULT of warming. That one, single fact blows holes a mile wide in the cap and trade nonsense. It also debunks EVERYTHING that Al Gore has asserted (and I think he knows it given how fast he skips past the C0₂/Warming corollary chart in his fictional movie, An Inconvenient Truth). 

There are so many things demonstrably and transparently wrong with this whole AGW ploy it is tragic:

1. There is ZERO evidence that man causes global warming.
2. Global warming has not been shown to be a negative for the planet.
3. Temperature measurement data before 1950 is highly inaccurate and back farther into the past is guesswork of monumental proportions.
4. NASA and other organizations responsible for collecting CURRENT temperature data have been caught cooking the books. I see NASA as the scientific world's Enron.
5. The AGW industry is monetarily GIGANTIC. Everyone wants a piece of this pie from anonymous researchers (who couldn't get a dime for a grant until they figured out how to connect their research with AGW) to multi-national corporations who have learned how to use enviro-scares to their benefit, to politicians who see more power ceded to them by playing up the Chicken Little AGW scheme.

AGW is like a bad prank that somebody came up with thinking that "nobody is that stupid to buy into it" only to find out that huge numbers of people are sheep and will buy into anything. I guess P.T. Barnum was right after all.


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