Friday, May 16, 2008

Why John McCain is an Ignoramous

John McCain is out courting the left by claiming that our solution to global warming is "Cap and Trade". This is folly.

There are only 3 things you need to know about the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hoax:

1. Elevated C0₂ (which plants love BTW) levels in the atmosphere FOLLOW global warming, not the other way around. See this excellent explanation for more on the lag between ocean heating and the release of C0₂ into the atmosphere. If you look closely at the graph in "An Inconvenient Truth" you can see this. However, in this particular section of the film, Al Gore glosses over this fact and claims the opposite.

2. If it were possible for man to warm the planet, IT WOULD BE A GOOD THING. When the planet was warmer in the past than it is now, civilization thrived. Cooling is MUCH more dangerous than warming and, ironically, global cooling will require much more energy to be expended to keep us and our crops warm.

3. We are officially now in our tenth year of global cooling and many scientists without an AGW grant are confirming that this is just the beginning. Expect MUCH cooler years ahead.

Regarding oil.

It is not a fossil fuel! It is abiotic and has been found as deep as 30,000 ft. below the surface, much deeper than any past organic life has lived. Oil is in endless supply but like diamonds, it is kept expensive by keeping it rare. If it is a "fossil" fuel then it must eventually run out, right? If it can be found at deep levels everywhere then what usefulness is that to the government (who is the primary profiteer on the high price of oil not the eeevil oil companies).

Therefore, it is said we need to move to conservation even though there is no way to "conserve" our way out of the current oil supply mess given that China is adding car drivers by the millions every year.

The reality is that oil is an almost magical substance. It is plentiful, can be acquired with very little damage to the local environment, new IC engine technology makes using it for fuel very enviornmentally friendly, and it is continually replenished in the crust of the earth.

The US has enough known reserves to last us 200 years without ever using a drop of oil from the terrorist nations of the ME or doing more exploration (which would produce hundreds of years of new reserves). But instead, this country has to be an environmentally imperialist nation. We refuse to use our own resources but instead, take them from other countries. It is the End of the World™ if we drill in the arctic wasteland but just fine to drill in the fragile deserts of Kuwait.

Bottom line: There is zero reason to abandon oil. We have the infrastructure to transport and refine it. It can now be burned cleanly in the latest engines from Detroit and Japan. It is plentiful and we need it for the manufacture of plastics anyway. It forms the foundation of freedom.

Although I am not encouraging this because it is not the government's job to give stuff away; if we were to take all the boondoggle funding for things like ethanol mandates, windmill farms (a truly idiotic energy source if there ever was one), solar panel subsidies, and other government energy porkbarrel projects and just bought everyone a new car (getting rid of those old VW buses, and 1975 Volvo station wagons that professors drive around with Save the Whale bumper stickers on them), we could clean the atmosphere up really quick.

But the reason that oil is eeevil is that it allows people to drive and we can't have that, nosiree. If people can drive where they want to then how can the we possibly control their lives? After all, the proletariate need to live in tall government provided housing near the center of crime ridden cities and ideally, should move from place to place using a urine encrusted public transportation system of some kind.


Blogger sig94 said...


"You smell that? Do you smell that? Urine, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of urine in the morning. [...] it smells like ...... piss"

5/16/08, 7:58 PM  
Anonymous B.C. said...

Yeah, I'm a day (Well, two weeks. But who's counting?) and a dollar short, but we're truly screwed with the two picks we've had foisted upon us by the Lamestream Midiots and a bunch of moronic, 15-second-attention-spanned sheeple.

We're phukt like Paris Hilton at a condom & crack convention. (At least for another four years.)

6/1/08, 8:26 AM  
Blogger Serr8d said...

The days of shootin' at a squirrel and up comes the bubblin' crude are well past us. The oil we absolutely require is no longer going to be easy to get to and process. Worldwide, humans use 70 million barrels of oil daily (of which the US uses 20 something million or so I think) and there will be no dropoff in demand. Because to continue our economic model of capitalism requires growth, and growth is based entirely on the free flow of oil at relatively cheap prices.

What we're seeing (and have probably passed) is Peak Oil; we are on the backside of the bell curve in oil production vs. requirements. If something doesn't change, soon, we can unfortunately look forward to ever-increasing prices as demand continues to outstrip supply.

I'm not one who wants to agree with the varmints who say we're facing a 'post-industrial stone age', but I won't be surprised if 'peak oil' also means we've 'peaked as a civilization'.

If so, then after all, nothing lasts forever.

And the Amish will prolly inherit the earth.

6/2/08, 12:50 AM  
Blogger Dan Snodgrass said...

Serr8D, I couldn't disagree with you more. The facts do not support your contention regarding so called "peak oil".

Currently there is 2 TRILLION barrels of oil that is KNOWN in the Colorado oil shales. We have the technology to access this huge reserve right now. Then there is the North Dakota reserve known as Bakken Play with its 4-500 billion barrels.

Then there are the, as yet untapped reserves in ANWR and elsewhere in Alaska. Of course, we are not drilling in the vast fields off the shores of California and Florida. Let's be conservative and say that these fields represents another 500 billion barrels.

So right now, there is an additional:

3 trillion barrels

of crude sitting in the ground that is off limits to drilling. The US uses roughly:

20 million barrels

of crude a day. At that rate, we would use up this additional 3 trillion barrels in

150,000 days (411 years).

And this is just with untapped reserves.

If we haven't figured out how to run our flying cars on solar power by the year 2428 then I say, screw the human race.

6/8/08, 5:11 PM  
Blogger Serr8d said...

Yes, we have untapped resources. But the point is, they're untapped for a reason: the cost of production vs. only marginal, temporary benefits...

"There are 2 trillion barrels of kerogen (not oil) in the Colorado Plateau oil shales. But trying to modify kerogen into oil has cost oil companies billions of dollars in experimental projects. All have been abandoned, leading to the expression: "Shale oil -- fuel of the future -- and always will be." The Athabasca oil sands of Canada contain 2 trillion barrels of oil (real oil). Today some 500,000 barrels a day are produced. Scale this up 10 times and you have 5 million barrels a day. The problems to achieve that scale are enormous, and 5 million barrels a day must be measured against the 19 million barrels a day used by the United States and the 72 million barrels a day used worldwide. Oil sands will help -- a little, for a time."

Peak oil isn't really a conservative vs. liberal issue; it's an economic issue that affects the lives of every person in the U.S.

From that article I cited above...

"In their article, 'The End of Cheap Oil," published in the March 1998 issue of Scientific American, exploration geologists Colin J. Campbell and Jean H. Laherrere of Petroconsultants in Geneva noted that the world has consumed more than 800 billion barrels of oil and has discovered or has in reserve another 850 billion barrels. They estimate that only about 150 billion barrels remain to be discovered. Apparently, we have been very successful in our search, having already consumed, by their estimate, nearly half of the world's ultimate resource of about 1,850 billion barrels of oil."

Oil consumption started in 1859, in Pennsylvania, and only 149 years later we're finding out that we're nearly at the bottom of the (cheap oil) barrel.

6/8/08, 8:07 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Yes, they are untapped for a reason, but obviously not the reason you have stated. The fact is, we have trillions of untapped energy resources because the Democrats won't let us tap them. Period.

The days of easy access to oil are over only as long as the Democrats are in power.

9/13/08, 11:35 AM  
Blogger Serr8d said...

I agree, the Democrats stand against "Drill here, Drill now", a policy I support, BTW, given I now support the McCain-Palin ticket.

Irregardless of our ability to break into and use every last drop of oil on this planet, we also have to ask should we? Because, you know, we are not the be-all and end-all of this world's timeline. Down the line, others will need oil for things other than just fuel...plastics, pharmaceuticals, you know the list. Should we break-neck and try to get all of it?

Half of the world's resources are used up already, in less than a century. What's left is difficult to find and process. We are facing a crisis, and not facing the right crisis I don't think.

But, I'll support the 'Drill here and now' platform, because to do otherwise would be troublesome to my soul. I'm just not a leftist or anarchist; I love me some capitalism, and the technology and cultural superiority that goes with it.

9/13/08, 4:55 PM  
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