Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Fall Of Western Civ

Don’t be distressed by the impending fall of western civilization. It was predicted!

I am a firm believer in the accuracy of Biblical prophecy. It’s not been wrong yet (and thousands of prophecies have already been fulfilled), and because of this, I believe what it says WRT the future.

Personally, I don’t see the end of the world as we know it to be very far off, and I’ll give you one specific reason why: the looming abandonment of Israel.

The Bible is very clear that in the Last Days, Israel will eventually have to stand alone with no one to protect her from her enemies (and she has many). When that day happens, Israel will have to turn to the one political leader who steps forward and says “I’ll protect you”. This leader will be from some European country (typically considered to be west European by eschatologists but could also be south-eastern European and still fit the prophecy).

The notion that one day, the US would abandon Israel seemed like a ludicrous idea not that long ago so very few people understood how this European political savior of Israel could arise. It was theorized that maybe America would one day, be destroyed, thus leaving no one left to stand by Israel. That would create the power vacuum necessary for this leader to step in. (Keep in mind that, despite the left’s whining about “blood for oil” most of our middle eastern policies rest on a long-standing role as the protector of Israel.)

We now realize that all it would take for the groundwork for this prophesy to be fulfilled would be for someone like a John Kerry (who openly admitted that he thought we should lift our support for Israel in the last election cycle) to come to power.

So here is how the Bible explains the political scenario of the Last Days:

-Israel re-establishes itself “in a single day” (happened in 1948)
-Jerusalem is re-established as its capital city (happened in 1967)
-All of Israel’s previous protectors are either destroyed or abandon her (I think the latter given the current political climate).
-Israel is attacked by an army “from the north” (typically considered to be a coalition of nations including Russia and Iran).
-Israel supernaturally survives this attack but in so doing realizes that can’t survive on its own and seeks a new protection treaty.
-The person known as the “son of perdition” (a charismatic political leader we typically call the “antichrist”) steps up and offers his aid.
-Israel accepts his offer
-The “antichrist” breaks his treaty 3.5 years later.
-All hell breaks loose


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