Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hypocrits on the Left

It is the standard mantra of the left that Bill Clinton is in a different category than Mark Foley because he had consensual sex while Foley did not (did Foley even have any sex with these pages?)

Clinton's actions are legally sexual harassment, therefore not "consensual". Any attempt to claim otherwise belies ignorance of a law that Clinton himself supported.

Furthermore, Clinton jeopardized national security during his sexual escapades. Can't claim this of Foley.

Clinton is lionized by Dems to this day despite his criminal behavior. Can't claim that of the GOP.

DEMs covered up the IMs so that they could drop an October Surprise, can't claim that of the GOP.

The Dems love to confuse and deceive people by conflating the Foley emails with the Foley IMs. They do this in a meanspirited and hateful attempt to fool people into demanding Hastert's resignation.

Dems love the gay pimps and the Klansmen in their midst and never ask for those resignations. Buy wow, they demand that anyone on the Republican side who even may have been in a position to know of private IMs (but didn't) should resign. How many Dems know that Barney Frank was running the prostitute ring out of his house? Did they resign?

Dems sign legislation all the time that makes illegal, activity in which they themselves engage (sexual harassment, theft, rape, racial discrimination, etc.)

Foley is out. When are Frank, Byrd, and the other disgraced politicians in the Democrat party going to resign?


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