Sunday, February 04, 2007

They've Got it Exactly Backwards on Global Warming

In the past, specifically in the early part of the last millennium, it was much warmer (medieval warm period). During that time civilization experienced a golden age. Crops grew better, people were more healthy, days were longer (temperature-wise), so more got accomplished. Then, in the 1300s, things started looking bleak (temperature-wise) and we ended up with the dark ages.

I submit that:

1. If the climate IS in a long-term warming trend (and there is no way to know this of course) then this IS A GOOD THING!

2. If man is causing this alleged warming trend, THEN THIS IS EVEN A BETTER THING. It's better because it implies we actually have control over a process that could usher in a new era of growth and prosperity (just like warming trends in the past have caused.)

3. Since global warming has historically been A GOOD THING and if man is capable of causing it, then I say do more of what is causing the GOOD THING.

The issue of decoupling ourselves from Islamist oil reserves aside, forget about nuclear. Wide-spread use of nuclear would mean less man-made C02 and hence, by the enviro's thinking, less warming. Since less warming IS A BAD THING, the only conclusion we can take away from the enviro-terror lobby's position is that they WANT a new dark age.

As for me, I say the more warming the better, it worked in the past, it will work again.

UPDATE: The Great Global Warming Swindle is now up on YouTube. This documentary totally debunks Al Gore's hypocritical pseudoscientific screed, "An Inconvenient Truth" with actual data and scientific testimony. It is a must view for anyone who wants to speak intelligently on the subject of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Main take-away point: Increases in atmospheric C02 FOLLOW global warming not the other way around.


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