Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Bible Affirms Creation and Debunks Evolution

A common problem I see with debates between Bible believing Creationists and secular evolutionists is that the evolutionist likes to set the ground rules. They love to throw around the words “fact” or “myth’ when there is no possible way to prove such assertions.

It would be one thing if they were simply claiming that their words were opinion in which case, their constant unsupportable statements would be palatable. But when they condescend to the rest of us from their high scientific "mountain of evidence" and then proceed to make statements that they themselves know to be unsubstantiated, they simply look foolish.

More honesty in this debate would be nice but I don't expect it from the other side. This is why I will state openly that my creationist perspective is not falsifiable by way of the definition of science as secular science defines it (i.e. only naturalistic methodologies can be allowed to explain the universe). Obviously, if "Science" is defined as anything not involving God then the discussion is over.

Now, I think Creationism is science but not in the narrow-minded manner from which secularists proceed. Likewise, I also grant that evolution IS science because it IS falsifiable. It is a forensic science that cannot be duplicated in the present but we can point to things that would, THEORETICALLY, disprove the notion of evolution even though it happened in the past.

I don’t claim that evolution is “myth” even though by most secularists standards (at least when they are applying said standards to Creationism) it is. But I am not using those standards because they are dishonest.

There are two verifiable ways of KNOWING that God created just as the Bible says. Neither are provable using the scientific method as secularists define it. However, it is provable using another method…

The Bible itself proves it.

If God created the clockwork universe and human life as we know it, He would have a rationale for doing so. It would stand to reason that He would explain this rationale in a way that could not be forged or faked but that would not bias free will. He would simply provide evidence of His love for us and let the chips fall where they may.

So how to explain this without bias? The Bible is an amazing answer to this conundrum which is missed by so many people.
    -It is full of scientific and prophetic statements that no man could ever conceive of writing on His own yet it reads in an honest and human way.
    -It is 66 books written by over 40 authors and yet it holds together as one story with an overarching plot that does not contradict itself.
    -It constantly uses the technique of telling the future in advance to prove that mere mortals were not the actual authors but rather, a type of scribe.
    -It proves that said author is outside of the dimension of time so as to give credence to the words without beating people over the head with the message.
    -It is subtle yet profound.
    -It has great importance for those who accept that it was authored by God but means little (i.e. is a “myth") to those who choose not to believe.
    -It is chock full of verifiable scientific and prophetic statements that no writer of the era could know. So much so that many skeptics try to show that it was written AFTER the fact because it would be impossible for it to have been written ahead of the events it foretells or the science it envisions. Yet, all such debunking attempts have failed.
Because the Bible is true.

Quite simply, the Bible demonstrates the reality of a transcendent Being of immeasurable knowledge and power and it is this book that says that this Being created the universe. It also specifically says that God DID NOT use evolution as his preferred method of creation. It is as if God knew that there would be a future divide between those who would take Him at His word and those who would not. He gives us no middle ground.

People who dismiss what He has to say do so, I believe, at their own peril. This debate IS important because evolution is specifically designed to undermine the message of the Gospel. If evolution is true then Christ died for nothing and therefore, he is not God. Leading evolutionists know this and this is why such a weak idea, from a scientific standpoint, is pushed so heavily in the secular world.


Blogger sig94 said...

Actually I believe these debates are vital if we are to make a difference in society. I think the reason why Islam is making such an inroad in America is that Christians have insulated themselves from what they see as a corrupt society.

Early Christians lived under an incredibly corrupt system but that didn't slow them down a bit.

1/21/07, 4:52 PM  
Blogger Dan Snodgrass said...

True enough about insularity. One of my hobby horses is trying to inform believers about the importance of taking the Bible seriously. If people treated as the actual word of God rather than some kind of feel-good analogy for a good life we might have a country that was not falling into corruption.

Unfortunately, people don't treat the Bible seriously and so they are easily conned by people who push evolutionism, or materialism.

1/21/07, 5:02 PM  

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