Monday, July 06, 2009

Cap 'n' Tax Needs to be Aborted

It is hard to even know where to start with regard to how bad the Cap 'n' Tax bill is.

It isn't "green" at all: it doesn't lower carbon emissions significantly enough to make any difference to global temperature (as if that was even a good idea in the first place - which it isn't), it INCREASES dependency on imported oil, and to top it off, it is an economy killer.

What statists don't recognize is that the single BIGGEST boost to the greening of America (and the world as a whole) is, wait for it...


You can talk all day about the "hidden costs of dirty energy" or other such mealy mouthed nonsense but it is undeniable that wealthier countries are also cleaner countries. This is a self-evident truth. What poor country can you point to that can afford to mandate green space, national parks, smoke stack scrubbing, and CAFE standards?


No, the single best thing we could do is abandon this Marxist, abortion of a bill and help restart this economy:

1. Open up all domestic oil and natural gas reserves in the US. This would immediately address the so-called aim of "Cap and Trade" to "reduce dependence on foreign oil" with the added benefit of putting millions of Americans back to work after they lost their livelihoods last year when Peolosi and Reid started putting more reserves off-limits (thereby driving oil speculation).

2. Get rid of Ethanol and similar totalitarian mandates. This bill, along with several in the past promotes one of the most idiotic energy policies of all time: burning food for energy. It takes 1.5 gallons of gasoline to produce a gallon of Ethanol and starves the third world in the process. How stupid is that???

3. Take all the useless R&D subsidies the Feds currently spend on Solar and Wind, and, if we must, divert them to making a cleaner burning internal combustion engine. Cars are here to stay, as is gasoline (we have 420 years of KNOWN oil reserves in this country alone). Electric vehicles are idiotic environment killers yet they are promoted by empty-headed legislators like Henry Waxman. The ICE is the future and we should just get used to that fact.

4. Recognize that a strong economy encourages people to invest in a cleaner environment. If the populace is just barely surviving, they don't care whether a Leftist wants to see the foothills of Maine or not. And they certainly want to be able to sell their house without having an eco-nazi having to inspect their appliances and windows before they can sell it like Waxman wants to have happen.

Oh, and by the way. Here's a memo to AGW flat-earthers: The sun is experiencing a solar minimum right now which explains the last 10 years of cooling (and the next 30 of predicted global cooling). My question for them therefore is, given that a warmer planet is a more prosperous planet, how do we go about CAUSING warming right now when we know from history that warming is a Good Thing?

(And by the way, driving SUVs more won't make a dent - we'll still find ourselves freezing our collective backsides off in a few years time no matter HOW much C02 we spew into the atmosphere).