Monday, February 09, 2009

Dear Mr. Obama. Don't Promote The Failed Policies of the Past

Mr. Obama is out demagoguing the economic mess in which the U.S. currently finds itself. He wants us to abandon the "failed policies of the past" that ostensibly got us into this mess. Of course, he is talking about the conservative tax policy of the past.

Either Obama a.) is an economic illiterate and doesn't realize that lowering taxes spurs the economy or b.) he is a socialist hack, using lies and demagoguery to try to frighten the American public into swallowing his socialist spending plan.

The irony is that the "failed policies" of the past is exactly what his bill is full of. So Mr. Obama, please take a time out and actually follow through on your campaign promises of promoting hope over fear. Remember that pledge? The one that probably gained you the presidency?

Here is the real prescription for economic stimulus:


This costs nothing and will do more than any socialist spending will do.

1. Get rid of all "green" legislation that unnecessarily weighs down business and industry. Excise all "cap and trade" nonsense. Remove any and all regulation relating to carbon. End all CAFE standards for the auto industry.

2. Open up all lands to energy exploration AND development. This includes Alaska, offshore, the Bakken Play, Rocky Mt. and oil shales. The price of energy will plummet at which time you will see the economy take off like a rocket.

3. Stop all illegal immigration and deport all current illegal aliens. These people are taking our jobs and sucking off the public teat. Time to end this economic and security travesty NOW.

4. End all capital gains taxes. We should not be punishing risk takers.

5. End all corporate taxes. Corporations don't pay taxes, consumers do.

6. Lower income tax rates to a max of 27%.

7. End both corporate and individual welfare. No more subsidizing industry (a subsidy is GIVING money to a company - not the same thing as lower taxes.

Do these 7 things and watch the stimulus happen big time.