Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gotta Love Ann

I have to say, Ann Coulter is my favorite columnist. She has been savaged of late for her stand against Harriet Miers and her latest column is just going to cause people to go even more ballistic.

So, for all those who love to knee-jerk against Coulter because she has the sharpest tongue on the planet. I have distilled her points into something less amusing/biting but maybe easier to swallow:


- Nixon went liberal on his base and they ultimately abandoned him.

- Bush has gone liberal and the base will abandon him.

- Conservatives have been unhappy with many Bush policies but were confident Bush would never let them down on the two most important issues of our time: the war on terrorism and the Supreme Court. Bush bashed conservative hopes on the latter.

- When conservatives complained when Bush nominated a woman because “Laura wanted a woman", the WH informed the base that only senators vote on judicial nominees.

- When conservatives complained because Bush nominated someone without experience the WH accused conservatives of elitism and sexism.

- The WH believes that we are “uneducated” and “easily led” and, acting on that belief, snookered a few evangelical leaders into supporting Miers. But apparently, at least half of the evangelical base decided not to buy in.

- The White House chose Tom Rath, the guy who assisted in getting Souter confirmed, to threaten Republican senators who are thinking of voting against Miers.

- The White House and its supporters keep saying we need to wait for the hearings to see if Miers is qualified. We know she’s not qualified so the nomination hearings will not tell us anything new.

- Just because Miers might say at the hearings she opposes “judicial activism” will not mean anything, Chuck Schumer claims he opposes “judicial activism,” too.

- If Miers gets on the court, Democrats believe Bush will have exposed himself as cowardly and will take further advantage but next time he will have to face them without his “armies.”

- “Bush has screwed his base, screwed Republican senators, screwed legal conservatives.” In so doing, he has lost the critical support he will need when things go bad for his administration in some future time of need.


Now that Coulter’s wit has been filtered from the above prose, do any of these arguments carry any more weight?



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