Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Who's incompetent?

For a couple of years now, the Liberal Press has been bleating endlessly about how incompetently the Bush administration has run the war in Iraq. They have portrayed the president as ill-informed, Powell, as an ignorant mouthpiece, and the intelligence community as hopelessly inept. But are these people really qualified to criticize ANYONE on how to do their jobs?

Consider the quality of the work in the mainstream press of late:

1. RatherGate. CBS news ran (runs) such an amateur investigative operation that they were unable to determine what dozens of other news operations were able to determine in an afternoon; that the Texas National Guard docs were fakes. We would have lost the war in Afghanistan and Iraq if the administration ran those operations like CBS runs theirs.

2. Schiavo talking points memo. The Washington Post, ABC, et. al, have completely failed to perform the due diligence required of a professional news organization in finding out who was behind the distribution of the talking points memo attributed to the Republican Senate leadership. Instead, they continue to assume that a senior GOP Senator is behind the memo. Whether one is or not we are not told by the press. We would have lost the war in Afghanistan and Iraq if the administration ran those operations like ABC runs theirs.

3. Delay tempest-in-a-teapot. The mainstream press continues to pound on Tom Delay for alleged wrong-doing but has completely failed to connect the dots on Pelosi and other congresspersons who have involved themselves in similar activity. If the administration had that level of blindness to obvious facts we would have lost the war in Iraq.

And the list could go on. Evidently, it is only the mainstream press that is unable to see that they have no credibility in their attacks on the competence of the Bush administration. Simple investigative procedures that even the the most newbie blogger would follow are completely beyond the reach of the networks and the major print organizations. These people are apparently no better equipped to faithfully report the news than your local junior high journalism class who prints their "newspaper" using the copy machine in the principle's office.

Next time you hear one of these "news" organizations claiming that the administration is incompetent, temper that claim with a dose of reality. They clearly do not know what they are talking about.


Blogger Ryan M Scott said...

Right on Dan, when the media points the finger, they should be worried about their own credibility first.

5/4/05, 3:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget "News"week. Do they actually have any professionals working there?

5/24/05, 12:15 PM  

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