Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lefty claims Jesus was a Liberal

A column over at azcentral.com entitled “That Nazareth fellow would be Dem today” is probably not blasphemy but it comes very close.

The column lists these as Democrat/Jesus teachings:

- Love ("of creator... yourself... neighbor"). First of all, “love” is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when one contemplates the Michael Moore, Howard Dean, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Belafonte party. Furthermore, Jesus never taught anyone to love themselves. And I might mention that, as the current debate over Intelligent Design demonstrates, Liberals are not that big on loving (or even believing in) the Creator either.

- Tolerance. I’m somewhat knowledgable on the Bible and I'm fairly certain that “tolerance” is not really a primary Jesus teaching. But even if it were, Liberals/Dems are just about as intolerant as people get without giving in totally to Robert Byrd-like KKKism. Go over and read the KosKids if you doubt me. Hate is the feeling du jour amongst Liberals these days, not tolerance.

- Forgiveness. Yes, this is at the top of Jesus’ teaching list but just ask Rush Limbaugh, Trent Lott, or Newt Gingrich if they feel the Left has ever forgiven them for anything. Does President Bush feel forgiven by the Left for the wrongs they think he’s done? Not likely.

- Charity. Is taxing working people to give to others really "charity"? I think it is reasonable to assert that if anything, Democrats are anti-charity. Is not charity the voluntary giving of one’s time and money to those in need? Taking the folk's money at the business end of an IRS owned gun is probably not what Jesus had in mind when he talked about helping the poor. In reality, Democrat policies of governmental largess for the poor are exactly antithetical to the teachings of Jesus. Stealing taxpayer money by threat of violence and giving it away to other people tends to give said taxpayer an excuse not to be charitable (not to mention the obvious 8th commandment violation.)

The column continues by stating that there is an “inherent immorality of the existence of a “working poor” class.” But Jesus never talked about any such “immorality". Even if He did, the Democrats work daily to keep the working poor the working poor. Meanwhile, Reagan/Bush tax policy is gradually making sure that people are moving up the income quintiles.

Next, the column makes the claim that Jesus would be a Democrat because he was for government encouragement of better wages and a government sponsored national health care system. Really? That must be in a lost book of the New Testament that I somehow overlooked. Was Jesus really a closet big government socialist and all of us just missed that attribute? It is worth noting that both of these Democrat-inspired issues require Fascist-like policies to be in place to make either possible. Fascist/totalitarian states are antithetical to the pursuits of the Bible-believing Christian who has always ended up being the victims of such governments. The totalitarian regime of the Roman Empire was responsible for not just the persecution of Christians but much of the evil that gripped Israel at the time Jesus walked this earth. True, Jesus did preach that taxes should be paid to Rome but Jesus was no fan of the government that He knew would ultimately sentence Him to the most horrible death that has ever been invented by man.

Moving on, the azcentral.com column takes this broadside at Republicans:
Read the New Testament. It's not that long. And it's not about fire-and-brimstone fundamentalism, judging one another or dominating the Earth.

This is interesting in that “fire and brimstone” is not something that we hear preached much these days by ANYONE let alone GOP leaders (yet it WAS a familiar theme in Jesus' teaching). And judging one another? The MoveOn.org Left is clearly among the most judgmental people on the planet (at least that’s my own judgment ). Still, who called people vipers and hypocrites and even once told someone to "go and sin no more"? Oh right, that was JESUS!

Finally, I don’t see the GOP actively trying to dominate the Earth although it is important to note that this is something Jesus plans to do at some later date.


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